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We develop our Social and Financial education programmes and deliver them through a Social Franchise Model, which enables us to reach over 10 million children in over 100 countries. Our global partner network consists of 300+ partner organisations (including NGOs, CSOs, and governments) who implement our programmes. Learn more about what we do and how we do it.


Our programmes are based on three basic curricula for different age groups, which are flexible and can be contextualised to local needs. Additionally, we provide training to teachers and conduct research to evaluate the quality and effectiveness of our programmes.


    Aflatoun International curricula are child-centered and contain both social and financial themes. Children and young people learn about themselves, their rights and responsibilities, how to save and how to start a small enterprise.

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  2. Partnership & Support

    The Aflatoun International network of partners is committed to deliver quality financial and life-skills education to millions of children and young people. Aflatoun International provides programmatic and fundraising support to the partners in the network.

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  3. Monitoring & evaluation

    Aflatoun International is one of the global leaders in researching the effectiveness of social and financial education for children and young people. A key strength is its positive impact on their self-efficacy, which plays an important role in successful learning.

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  4. Training of teachers

    Education is only as good as the teachers providing the classes. Therefore, we are passionate about training, which helps guide teachers through methodologies that enable children to participate actively in an atmosphere that is full of learning and laughter.

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  5. Development & contextualisation

    Aflatoun International develops curricula in consultation with its partners. These materials are then adapted to the local context of the region it will be implemented in and occasionally includes an extended focus on a specific issue it aims to tackle.

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  6. Digital Learning

    Aflatoun International embraces new technologies which have the potential to strengthen educational systems and increase reach and impact. Access to mobile technology is rapidly transforming our ability to reach children, young people and trainers who have been previously excluded from skills-building programmes.

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Social Franchise Model

Aflatoun International uses a social franchise model to connect and collaborate with organisations and governmental institutions all over the world.

Our dynamic, bottom-up network of inter-linked partner organisations is based on reciprocal empowerment. It is a flexible low-cost and high-impact model with strong south-south cooperation.

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Children and young people become agents of their own future through our tailored education programmes, which tackle some of the world’s most pressing problems. Below is a list of 'themes' we incorporate into Aflatoun materials and practices.


Aflatoun International offers social and financial education to millions of children and young people worldwide, empowering them to make a positive change for a sustainable future. We create high-quality curricula, for different age groups, which can be contextualised to local needs and specific circumstances.

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