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We believe that education provided is only as good as the teacher giving it. Participatory and child-centred education is essential to the provision of effective financial and life skills education. To this end, we invest heavily in training teachers.

Aflatoun works together with teachers enabling children to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes they need to succeed in life. Our training ensures teachers can use Aflatoun classroom materials to their best advantage and focuses on making them better teachers in general. We believe that teachers should be beneficiaries of the programme as much as children. Aflatoun has trained tens of thousands of teachers, through in-service and pre-service workshops of between three days and three weeks duration. It does so through a global network of hundreds of Regional Master Trainers many of whom work within teacher training institutes.

Aflatoun is committed to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and its prescriptions on education. Teachers participating in our workshops gain practical experience in using active-learning methods, both for social and financial education and for other subjects in their national curriculum. They encounter these same active-learning methods within the Aflatoun manuals. In this way, our curriculum development and training strategies are aligned. As well as providing face-to-face trainings, Aflatoun now offers refresher training and self-study modules through an online platform called Aflateen + Digital.

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