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World Teachers’ Day 2021: Aflatoun Teachers around the World

Posted in Blogs on October 5, 2021

This year, World Teachers’ Day is centred around “teachers at the heart of education recovery”, emphasising the role of educators and the support they need to fully contribute to the process of recovery from COVID-19.  

 Thus, we wanted to take the opportunity to highlight some of the amazing teachers in our partner network across the world, as a thank you to their continued resilience, creativity, and dedication.  

Yuanyuan Hu 

School: Nanhe No.1 Middle School
Location: Xingtai, Hebei Province, China 

 Yuanyuan has been an English teacher for 7 years, and has taught the Aflatoun curriculum since December 2018. She was inspired to sign her students up to continue Aflatoun courses after seeing how excited and proud her students were after they successfully ran a stand selling local food and products at a local online market. This has now led to the second-grade student organising an annual school fair.  

“From Aflatoun, we have learned to distinguish need and want in our lives… [and has allowed them to] improve their ability to solve problems and communicate, which is essential to their future”  


Sandiakou Sangare 

School: Camide Microfinance and Development Support Centre
Location: Kayes, Mali 

 Sandiakou was born in Karaya, part of the Alamameya canton in the Kayes region of Mali. After studying Legal and Political Sciences at the University of Bamako, he did his teacher training at the Djime Diallo Teacher’s Training Institute, and is now in charge of multiple educational programmes in Kayes. In addition to heading the Aflateen programme at the Camide Microfinance and Development Support Center, he also manages the French, History and Geography courses at the Lafiabougou A school group and administrative litigation at the Dallaba school. He has recently published a book, titled ‘Politik’.  


Norma Giovanna Pastor Caceres 

School: Narajitro Alto School
Location: Utcubamba, Peru 

 Norma is a primary education teacher with 28 years of experience in educational institutions across the rural Utcubamba province of Peru. She considers herself a facilitator of learning, and promotes the autonomous learning of her students through innovative projects and problem-solving activities.  


“I am inspired every day by wanting my girls and boys to be good citizens.”  


Manouri Wijekoon 

School: Seethadevi Girls’ College
Location: Kandy, Sri Lanka 

 Manouri has been teaching English as a second language for over 25 years, and holds a degree in Humanities and Social Sciences from the Open University of Sri Lanka, as well as a Diploma in English for Teachers of English from the University of Colombo. She became an Aflatoun Trainer in 2015, and has since taught social and financial education to children and young people in both Sri Lanka and Malaysia. Outside of her career as an educator, she is a member of Toastmasters International and the Lions Club. She now teaches at Seethadevi Girls’ College in Kandy, where she lives with her husband and two children.


Étienne Mawouegna 

School: Écoles Normales d’Instituteurs 
Location: Togo 

 Despite initially training as a lawyer, Étienne has a 23 year career in teaching- first as a college teacher of history, geography and French, and now in language and communication. Since 2012, he has taught at the Normal School of Teachers, training others in the art of the educator.  

“It’s a profession that fascinates me through its nobility and the transformation of the human being… Let’s just be proud to be teachers!”


Alona Baloran Almazan 

School: Darapidap Elementary School  
Location: The Philippines 

Alona holds degrees in Midwifery and Education, and first started working with Aflatoun in 2016 through the Sacred Heart Savings Cooperative and National Confederation of Cooperatives. Aflatoun helped her regain her confidence after her daughter’s medical diagnosis put her family through emotional and financial distress, and inspired her to move forward. She is now a National Aflatoun Trainer, and Regional Contextualiser for Learning Materials. On top of teaching at Darapidap Elementary School, where she created a programme for struggling readers, she is also a module writer, test framer, teacher-broadcaster for TV-based instruction, part of the quality assurance team for Learning Resources, and has written storybooks for children.  

“Even though I still struggle in many ways, I remain stronger, full of hopes and dreams with my own family, and my extended families- DepEd, Aflatoun, SHSC and NATCCO, by my side.” 



Argelia Bermania Maridue 

School: La Unidad Educativa del Milenio Otto Arosemena Gómez
Location: Ecuador 

Argelia is from Milagro, Ecuador, and has 25 years of experience as a teacher. Though she graduated with a degree in Foreign Trade, specialising in accounting, she felt her calling towards education early on and obtained her teaching qualifications in commerce and administration. She went on further to complete a diploma in Education and Curriculum Design, and a master’s degree in Educational Management. She has now taught at the Otto Arosemena Gómez Millienium Educational Unit for over 6 years.  

“I consider myself a restless and creative person, I love working with children.” 


Anson Sitsofe  

School: Lycée d’Enseignement Technique et Professionel de Lomé
Location: Togo 

 Anson has been a French teacher at the Lycée d’Enseignement Technique et Professionel de Lomé (LETP-L, Adidogomé) since 1993. In 2015-2018, she initiated and implemented a holiday activity called ‘One Text per Day’, which allowed students to use their free days to read and strengthen her French skills. She is also a scholar in Togolese culture and education, and specialised in the reconstruction of school curricula and embracing of cultures in Togo at the Institute of Higher Education and Research in Cultural Development (IRES-RDEC). Additionally, her children’s book, ‘Nelsa’, was published by the CPAE in 2010, and she is a substitute member of the Africa Regional Committee for International Education (CRAIE), as well as a mother of three.  


Mercy Luhanga Mchechu 

School: Rightway Daycare, Nursery and Primary School
Location: Tanzania 

 Mercy is an educator and impact entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in finance, human resources, and academia. She is the founded Rightway Daycare, Nursery and Primary School 15 years ago, and now oversees 900 students and 100 employees. The school partners with Aflatoun International to deliver social, financial, and entrepreneurship education to students at all levels, and also places a focus on developing literacy and reading, mental mathematics and STEM skills. The school is known for its positive, nurturing approach, and its use of innovative educational solutions aimed at sharpening and developing future global citizens. She has been recognised by the Africa Skills Centre of South Africa and Leadership in Obscurity Network of the USA as the ‘Africa Woman of Impact on Education Development 2021’, and was amongst 100 East African entrepreneurial winners of the 2019 2Xinvest2impact competition.  

“I believe in a self-sufficient, full developed Africa. The key to unlocking Africa’s potential lies in skilled youth. To truly empower youth, our society has to be very intentional about the way youth are incorporated into communities and organisations.”  


Thank you to our partners BeBetter China, Fundación CRISFE Ecuador, GAP Mali, NATCCO Philippines, Care Peru, NECY Sri Lanka, FESEN Togo, Rightway Nursery and Primary School Tanzania, for their nominations.