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We Are Aflatoun: Sam Harwood

Posted in News on September 10, 2020

What was your role at Aflatoun International? 

My role at Aflatoun was Resource Mobilisation Intern. supported the RM team in mapping and consolidating potential donors for future investment opportunities, whilst researching wider grants and tenders for potential funding opportunities.  

What do you like most about the organisation? 

For me to have the chance to contribute to meaningful holistic education and work alongside these talented colleagues was by far the aspect I enjoyed most in my internship. Aflatoun’s impact is incredible given the size of the organisation and this work is driven by a small team of amazingly dedicated people in the secretariat based in Amsterdam. The fact that this small group can have such a wide impact, across so many geographic and thematic areas, is a credit to their brilliance and hard work.   

What did you get out of this internship?  

This internship allowed me to gain valuable experience in a small organization with an international impact. I was able to experience the operational needs of an organization whilst learning about how important social and financial education can be. On a professional level, the internship allowed me to develop skills in fundraising, communications, and project management.  

Which of your accomplishments during this internship are you most proud of, and why? 

There have been many accomplishments for me at Aflatoun, none more satisfying than co-hosting the first official Aflatoun Virtual Quiz night. Which went remarkably smoothly and was a huge success. However, from a professional perspective to see a proposal that I have directly contributed to win and come back a success was always a proud moment.  

Why is social and financial education important?  

Traditional education is important for developing a core base of skills for later in life, however, the majority of education systems miss vitally useful practical life skills that social and financial education can provide. SFE can give young adults the tools to leave school and become a success in employment or entrepreneurship. This capacity for success not only improves the lives of the individual but has wide-reaching benefits for the communities they live in.  

What is next for you? 

I leave Aflatoun with lots of great memories but I am starting a new fundraising position with an organisation based in London. I will be working to provide funding for programmes that assist social enterprises run by marginalised or disadvantaged populations. I am excited to get started on the next chapter in my career.  

Share with us a motto or a quote close to your philosophy of life.  

You may never know what results come from your action. But if you do nothing, there will be no result.”