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The Thematic Supplements: Targeted curricula to enhance life skills

Posted in Blogs on September 6, 2019

Aflatoun International launches four supplements – Child Protection, Violence Prevention, Community Engagement, and Environment – to complement the existing Aflatoun curriculum.

The Thematic Supplements were created in accordance with what the partner network identified as issues prevalent in the communities in which they work. These were based on the inputs received through written submissions and a survey conducted within the partner network. 

The Violence Prevention supplement aims to contribute towards the advancement of programmes that reduce violence in communities by helping children develop life skills and prevent bullying, while involving their families in the process 

The Child Protection supplement proposes basic activities for adults and children to become aware of the importance of protecting children’s rights. To do so in an effective way, the Child Protection supplement was designed not only focusing on the content related to child protection, but also factoring in the 21st century competencies that fall under the four pillars of learning. 

The Community Engagement supplement aims to develop the following competences: critical thinking; problem solving; communication and collaboration; creativity and innovation; social and cross-cultural skills; personal responsibility; self regulation and initiative; seek and value diversity; teamwork and interconnectedness; and intercultural competence. Community Engagement is much more of a systemschange context piece, where partners also work with governments and cultural institutions. This supplement takes on a different approach, moving beyond the classroom, to address the much bigger issue of community change.   

While most of the supplements focus on the social aspect of the Aflatoun curriculum, the Environment supplement focuses on the importance of consumption behaviour (what we buy and use), planning and budgeting (needs and wants), and management of resources. The objective of this supplement is to enable participants to reflect on how their habits and actions affect the environment around them, and to positively influence their abilities to take action against the growing environmental challenges related to pollution and waste. This programme thus encourages participants to critically think of the ways to reduce, reuse and recycle waste in their local communities, progressing towards a more Circular Economy. 

The benefits of using the Thematic Supplements

The Violence Prevention, Child Protection and Environment supplements were designed for teachers and facilitators to use in classroom settings. However, the supplement on Community Engagement also includes sessions that children can attend with their parents, and those that the facilitator and partner organisation can conduct with the community members at large.

This creates support for the Aflatoun programme, which is important because children cant put into practice what they have learned, without this. As the supplements push for the actions that children can take, and the change that they can be part ofit is crucial that the community encourages such activities. Without this support, the lessons from the programme would cease to be effective. 

The supplements are available to all partner organisations that are implementing the Aflatoun curriculum. They have been translated but have not been contextualised. Each partner goes through a capacityevaluation process, which is particularly important for supplements with sensitive issues such as violence prevention and child protection. The Programme Managers at Aflatoun ensure that the partners that decide to implement these supplements have the capacity to support participants through specific sessions.  

This project was made possible through the generous support of The Botnar Foundation and the Vitol Foundation



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