Manila’s sizzling street food

Jonic is an 18-year-old from the Philippines with a promising business idea. Thanks to the skills he learned in the Aflatoun programme, implemented by Children International, he decided to turn a small empty lot on the sidewalk into a sizzling business.

He came up with a plan to open a small burger stand on a busy sidewalk in Manila, selling everything from burgers and hot dogs to French fries and the popular Filipino street food ‘kwek-kwek’ – bright orange battered and deep-fried eggs.

The Aflatoun programme made a big impact on Jonic by helping him to gain the skills necessary to realise his dream of becoming an entrepreneur.

Aflatoun has helped me in terms of improving myself. — Jonic

Jonic chose the location of his burger stand for its visibility and because many people pass by every day. Business is good. With the number of customers increasing, the Aflatoun entrepreneur is earning enough to make a living and also save money. Eager to give back, he hopes to use the social and financial skills he gained to help others.