Jaja Mobile Connects Communities

After embracing Aflatoun classes Jamshed and Javohir saw a gap in the (village) market when they realised that many of its inhabitants had to go all the way into town in order to make a phone call. Blessed with their own mobile phones, the two pupils came to the idea of allowing these people to pay to use theirs.


By selling their minutes in small amounts to those who did not own a phone or who could not easily travel, the idea of JaJa Mobile was born. This way, the boys were doing a buzzing business, as they were getting extra minutes from their provider and put their earnings towards their education.


When you want to talk, we’ve got the time. — Jamshed and Javohir

This financial independence helps their family with planning and budgeting and their parents have begun to support their children’s involvement in this small enterprise. In addition to making money, these boys are providing a service to the members of their community in need. When villagers want to talk, they take the time, JaJa Mobile is connecting communities.