Hatching a plan in Rwanda

Joy lives with her family in a rural village in eastern Rwanda. Both her parents are farmers and now she started her little livestock shop. After buying two chickens last year to sell eggs, the 16-year old decided to keep some of the eggs and produce more chicks, who then gave more eggs. Her business is growing.

Entrepreneurship is part of the national curriculum for secondary schools in Rwanda and combined with financial education, Joy learned how to save, manage and invest money to star her own enterprise. She also joined a savings club.

My project is running smoothly and I am planning to expand it. I will include my siblings as my project grows so that they can also start rearing chickens — Joy

The students participating in the clubs are encouraged to take up activities that will generate income. This is where Joy’s chickens come in. She is spending some of the earnings from the eggs, but also continuing to accumulate savings. Overall, Joy is pleased with the beginning of her small independent business .