Harvesting Euros

These primary school pupils are the youngest entrepreneurs of the Aflatoun family. In the small Portuguese village Sanguedo, they started saving from an early age to start their green investment project ‘plant to harvest euros’ to improve their school library.


Their initiative aims to reuse and save resources in creative ways. After convincing their head teacher, with detailed plans of budgeting and fundraising, they were given a small loan to buy materials to kick-start their enterprise.


Our Aflatoun project is about savings and investment, creating a budget and managing it. Our herbs are fresh and tasty, so buy them now! — Tomas

The pupils now have a greenhouse in which they grow fresh herbs. They prepare them, some are dried, and package them in cute little bags. Before and after classes they sell them to parents. The accounting is done by the young shareholders of this enterprise, putting all earnings towards new books and games for the school library.