Ghana’s community entrepreneur

Evans Essell is an entrepreneur who sells government-approved agrochemicals and provides labour services in Ghana’s Subriso community. His story is one of the many successful ones from the 5-year MASO programme targeted at creating employment opportunities for the youth (aged 18-25) in Ghana’s cocoa communities. The MASO programme helped Evans create a sustainable business model, and he hopes to continue selling certified agrochemicals, providing quality labour services and hiring youth in his community. 

“During Aflatoun training I enjoyed learning about sales records and entrepreneurship. This training has helped me find […] business opportunit[ies] and engage in selling agrochemicals. It is my dream to expand my business, sell quality agrochemicals and provide top-notch labour services and create more jobs for young people.” — Evans

MASO is part of the Youth Forward initiative, a partnership led by The MasterCard Foundation, Overseas Development Institute, Global Communities, Solidaridad West Africa, NCBACLUSA and GOAL. Within the MASO programmeAflatoun has been responsible for developing youth-centred curriculum and providing training on social and financial education, Legal Rights and SRHR.  

The impact of MASO’s programme extends beyond Evans, into his whole community. Evans received financial education and legal rights training and has developed his entrepreneurial skills. Thanks to the MASO programme, he has not only set up a successful and sustainable business, but also provides a farm management system that has nearly doubled his town’s harvests, creates employment opportunities, and has reduced the sale and purchase of fake agrochemicals in his community.  

Watch Evans’ story and find out more about the dreams he has for his business: 

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