Brazil’s Blooming Business

Isabella is just 14 years old and is already starting to think like an entrepreneur. Her grandfather Cícero, a carpenter, was the sole breadwinner of the family of four until now.

Along with her peers at school Isabella is part of a girls’ entrepreneurs club. They named themselves Grande Clube de Meninas (Girls’ Big Club) and elected Isabella as treasurer. After leaning about the cost of materials and production, budgeting, profit margins and return on investment, Isabella got the idea to start making and selling little pens topped with recycled flowers.

Some of the other girls want to travel, but I want to invest in something else, for example, to pay for college. — Isabella

Isabella buys the pens for R$ 1,00 (about 27 € cents), makes a decorative flower out of rubber (using her hair iron to manually shape each flower!) and attaches it to the end of the pen, which she then sells for R$ 2,00. The rest of her club have started to do this too and together have made R$ 23 (around €6.40) profit in just two months.