Social Franchise Model

Aflatoun International uses a social franchise model to connect and collaborate with organisations and governmental institutions all over the world.

Our dynamic, bottom-up network of inter-linked partner organisations is based on reciprocal empowerment. It is a flexible low-cost and high-impact model with strong south-south cooperation.

Our network consists of a broad range of partner organisations varying from local non-profit organisations to international agencies and governments - all sharing the conviction that social and financial education can significantly contribute creating a world of children empowered.

Why us

We have an established network of over 345 partners and we create high-quality, contextualised social and financial curricula for ages 2-24+ years old. Together, these two elements ensure that you are getting the best and collaborating and learning from people all over the world.

Our scale-up strategy

Scaling-up refers to increasing the scope and the reach of the Aflatoun Programme, in a country and across the world, resulting in more countries, more regions, more districts, and, most importantly, more children and youth having access to Social & Financial Education. Scale-up occurs gradually, as it requires an increased involvement of stakeholders and the inclusion of additional implementing partners in a country. Ultimately, scale-up allows for a wider outreach and acceptance of the Aflatoun concept of empowered children and youth and leads the way for national policy change.

How it works

Partners are owners of Aflatoun Programmes in their area of implementation. They are in charge of implementing the different programmes; from initial contact with the Aflatoun Secretariat right through to the programme being implemented in schools/non-formal centers and evaluated.

As the partners go through the necessary steps towards implementing the Programme, their Partner status changes. The Partner organizations can have the status of 1. Initial contact 2. Implementing Partner. These phases mark a progression of readiness, confidence and commitment to the Network.

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