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Unlimited Friends Association for Social Development


Unlimited Friends Association for Social Development (UFA) is an independent and impartial aid organisation. It is not-for-profit, social, developmental, charity and educational organisation. The idea started in 2000 in the middle area of Gaza Strip, Palestine, by sincere and hardworking of volunteers, who seek to promote and serve the Palestinian society across the five governorates of the Gaza Strip.

After implementing and achieving many voluntary social activities, the idea of the association was expanded and developed, even it was registered in 2003 under NGOs Law number (1) in Palestine of 2000 and its Implementing Regulations.

UFA is working alongside youth and children of poor families, families headed by women, and other vulnerable groups as people with disability and people living in situations of poverty, exclusion, and emergency.  UFA actions focused on responding to their essential needs, improving their living conditions. Furthermore, it also promotes and empowers the most vulnerable persons like persons with disability, women, and children to include them in the society. Thus, UFA implemented various relief, emergency, and development projects targeted different fields in education, economic, and emergency sectors, in addition to seasonal projects. UFA team composed of 38 employees and volunteers.

UFA Objectives:

Providing relief, development and social assistance to all sectors of the community.

Spreading developmental and creative thinking through training and educational seminars and courses.

Enhancing the education process through educational programs and projects for all categories of the community.

Progressively working for objective and constructive networking with civil and international associations towards societal integration in the community.

Supporting and empowering children and women in various fields.

Response to the humanitarian crisis and emergency.

Empower and improve the capacities of youth in different fields.

Support and sponsor orphans

Support the inclusive practices for persons with disability

Start of your partnership with Aflatoun
Our partnership began in 2019. They are currently implementing the Aflatoun (6-14 years) curriculum.

Contact info:

Website: http://www.ufa2003.org