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Quito’s Versatile Waitress


Before Mireya, an 18-year-old from Ecuador, joined the ‘Into Employment’ programme, her family was struggling to make ends meat. In order to feed their family of six, her mother had to borrow food from the store and her father had to ask for advances from his work.

Mireya, described as “a cheerful young woman with a big smile and lively look,” felt discouraged that she could not contribute economically to her family. Initially, she joined the Into Employment programme to get a job, save money for her family and fund her future education—but in the end, she gained so much more.

Three months after training in the programme, Mireya noticed her ability to communicate better. She had her first job interview and soon after landed a job at a local restaurant chain “Vaco y Vaca.”

Mireya attributes this success to the Into Employment programme which helps young people become trained in the necessary skills to best present themselves in a job interview. This financial education programme is a complementary course to AflaTeen and in Ecuador, it is implemented by Children International with support of Citi and Aflatoun.

Mireya encourages other young people to take advantage of this programme in order to find similar success.

“As young people it is difficult for us to adapt to new work habits such as punctuality in schedules, but this programme helps us to learn and grow in every way.” — Mireya, an 18-year-old from Ecuador, said.

At her new job, Mireya earns $500 per month from salary and tips. While she enjoys her job and believes she is a “versatile waitress,” Mireya is still determined to save money for her education.

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