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Muruthalawa, Sri lanka
Aflatoun, Aflatot, Aflateen

NECY (Network for Education, Children and Youth, composed of over 32 member organizations all over Sri Lanka) has been working with children and youth from socio-economically disadvantaged districts since 2010 through CRAN Sri Lanka (Child Rights Advocacy Network). With CRAN?s support, NECY has focused on child rights programming and youth activities, using tools of social and financial education to help children and young people break the cycle of poverty and face life with confidence.


In Sri Lanka, children in government schools and plantations learn the Aflatoun programme through child clubs. NECY has also introduced the programme to disabled children and street children. Social campaigns include awareness-raising on saving finances, natural resources, and local values. Financial enterprises include planting and selling vegetables, collecting waste materials for recycling, and children’s enterprise fairs in school.