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National Confederation of Cooperatives

Quezon City, Philippines

NATCCO is a tertiary cooperative federation founded in the Philippines in 1977. It has a nationwide outreach working in the areas of financial intermediation, training and consultancy, and policy advocacy. It works with cooperative banks across the Philippines.


Since 2007, NATCCO has been implementing the Aflatoun program, making the Philippines one of the pioneering countries in the network. Having signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Department of Education of the Philippines, NATCCO implements Aflatoun all over the country. They continuously conduct Aflatoun teacher training for member cooperatives and government schools. NATCCO’s Aflatoun program is experienced by children primarily as a savings activity, with lessons incorporated in different classes. Student savings are deposited in the local cooperatives. There are also Aflatoun school-wide events conducted by the local cooperatives, such as summer camps and workshops for students.