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Children of Armenia Fund (COAF)

Yerevan, Armenia

Children of Armenia Fund (COAF) works to secure a future for children in Armenia?s impoverished rural villages through improved education, healthcare, community life and economic conditions. Their programs create and sustain opportunities for growth and progress. COAF strives to improve the overall quality of education in rural communities by upgrading physical infrastructures and creating progressive learning environments. Capacity-building of local teachers and school administrators also contributes toward overall child development. They aim at developing leadership potential among rural youth, providing them with the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for adapting to change. Taking education to new heights, empowering students to become active participants in the shaping of their futures and encouraging them to give back to their communities are central goals of COAF?s education programs.


COAF has started the implementation of Aflateen program in 2014 in 2 villages of Armavir region: Getashen and Dalarik. Experiencing the positive change brought by the program, COAF reached out to more villages of Armavir and Lori provinces in 2015. Armavir region: Hatsik, Dalarik, Getashen and Vanand. Lori Region: Marts, Karinj, Tumanyan and Dsegh. By end of 2015-2016 academic year, Aflateen Clubs have implemented 21 social and 8 financial projects, indirectly benefiting approximately 2100 students from 8 villages. In 2016, Aflatot and Aflatoun programs will be launched in 6 villages of Armavir and Lori provinces and Aflateen program will expand to 4 villages of Tavush province (bordering Azerbaijan and Georgia) and 4 villages of Shirak province.