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Children International Headquarters

64131 USA, United states

Children International is a nonprofit humanitarian organization dedicated to bettering the lives of impoverished children, their families and communities. The organization states that it achieves its goals primarily through private donations and monthly child sponsorship, which provides a real one-to-one connection between a single child and a donor.[4] Sponsorship aims to give poor children the tools and opportunities necessary for success by providing benefits and supporting programs for each child?primarily in the areas of education, health, and youth. The Children International Sponsorship Program as of 2010, benefits more than 340,000 impoverished children and their families in eleven countries,[5] including Chile, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Mexico, the Philippines, the United States, and Zambia.


The Aflatoun program started in Little Rock, Arkansas in early 2014. The Little Rock agency functions quite differently than the international agencies. The agency partners directly with four public middle schools to implement after school programming and activities called ?Kids Club.? It is within this after school setting that the Aflatoun clubs operate and offer the related activities for children in grades 4-5, ages 9-11 years old. In 2014 the target is 100 children and they are reaching 150 children and youth.