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Be Better

Shanghai, China

Better Education is a pioneering organization in China focused on financial education for children and youth. It is an educational service provider to schools, universities, and district education bureaus, and provides educational consulting on teacher training, school management, student performance, and curriculum development. It has been implementing the Aflatoun program since 2009.


Better Education has implemented Afutong (Chinese name for Aflatoun) in Shanghai, Beijing, and 3 other provinces in both formal schools and schools for children of migrant families. Their Afutong website is a platform for teachers and volunteers to share learning and experiences. The program is usually taught once a week in class or as an extracurricular activity. While the program provides a manual of activities with a focus on interactive, student-centered pedagogy, teachers creatively invent and adapt activities to their own settings. By encouraging students to run student banks, start small businesses in cake-baking or tree-planting, or sell stationery in a school-wide supermarket event for example, Afutong tries to foster a range of soft skills including confidence, teamwork, communication, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy for disadvantaged children from an early stage.