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Aflatoun’s Entrepreneurs

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Aflatoun’s Entrepreneurs

Kojo has turned his life around with one idea: renting out his bike and saving the money for his education. Kojo’s business has quadrupled ever since. He now has four bikes and plans on having bike shops all across Africa one day.

If you need to get from A to B, think of me! — Kojo
Shafiqul Islam

Kojo’s success story is inspired by the real life Aflatoun pupil and bike entrepreneur Shafiqul Islam. The 12-year-old from Dhaka in Bangladesh loves reading and riding his bicycle. In the Aflatoun classes at BRAC primary school he learned how to save, how to help others and how to make a plan that really works.

With his first savings, Shafiqul bought his second-hand bike that he would rent out to pay for his education. Meanwhile he would teach other children how to cycle, giving them a new skill but also turning them into potential customers. In a matter of a few years time, he was running a business of four bikes.

The boy from Dhaka with the Aflatoun entrepreneurial spirit hopes to own his own mechanical and rickshaw repair shop one day and, of course, many more bikes. Aflatoun’s social and financial education empowers Shafiqul and millions of children worldwide, turning dependence into independence.

We will be featuring more inspirational stories from the Aflatoun entrepreneurs here, so watch this space.