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Academy of Public Administration

Moscow, Russian federation

The Academy of Public Administration is a State educational institution founded in 2004 by Ministry of Education of Moscow Region (Oblast) and Partner of Aflatoun since 2012. Aflatoun movement corresponds to the organization’s mission in terms of innovation and implementation of social projects, accumulation, preservation and growth of the moral, cultural and scientific values ??of the society, the formation of students’ citizenship, ability to work and live in the present conditions of society and state.


Aflatoun and Aflateen programmes are being implemented since 2013 in public schools and colleges of several regions in Russia (Moscow, Krasnodar, Volgograd and others). The partner has 2 Regional Master trainers. Aflatoun curriculum has been contextualized by the partner for the Russian educational needs. Aflatot programme is going to be implemented in 2017 in kindergartens of Moscow Region (Oblast).