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Partner of the Week: YMCA Lebanon

Posted in Partner of The Week on December 1, 2016

YMCA of Lebanon is our Partner of the Week

YMCA of Lebanon is a national, non-governmental development organization whose mission it is to develop the mind, body and spirit of all people, regardless of religion, political affiliation, color or creed. They are already established in Lebanon since 1890. They have a wide variety of programs in place, among which are the Aflatoun and Aflateen programmes.


YMCA started Aflatoun with a pilot phase in 2010. They had several master trainers available who were able to follow up on the programmes in different contexts and cooperate with other organisations.

A strong relationship with the Lebanese Higher Council for Childhood is boosting the implementation of programmes. Additionally, they are liaising with the Ministry of Education to be able to conduct the Aflatoun programme in schools in several areas.  In 2015 YMCA trained 112 new Aflatoun trainers and teachers. The Aflatoun programmes reached that year almost 12,000 children and youth, mainly in formal schools.

YMCA is planning on expanding the programme and creating clubs in all schools for both Aflatoun and Aflateen. They also engage in partnerships with local NGOs and International Organisations which supports further growth of the Aflatoun programme.


If you’re curious about  the many activities that YMCA does, you can check their Facebook page. Don’t forget to click ‘like’!