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Partner of the Week: SNAES

Posted in Partner of The Week on February 10, 2017

SNAES is our Partner of the Week

SNAES (The National Autonomous Union of Secondary School Teachers) was founded in 1991. They represent secondary education teachers and aim to improve the education staff conditions and to contribute to the improvement of the quality of education. SNAES and Aflatoun International established their partnership in May 2011. Currently they are monitoring the National Pilot of the Aflatoun programme in Secondary schools. The programme reaches over 11 thousand children.

SNAES supported the implementation of the first Aflatoun programme in Cameroon. This programme was launched by a Peace Corps volunteer in the Northern Province of Lagdo. SNAES provided all the necessary orientations and training to successfully implement a high quality programme.

SNAES and the Ministry of Secondary Education

Making the best use of their connections and relations with the Ministry of Education in Cameroon, SNAES has been advocating for the Aflatoun programme continuously. It managed to involve the educational decision makers in regional and national Aflatoun activities. The Ministry of Secondary Education showed a great interest in the programme, also as it would support their objectives of improving entrepreneurship education.

With this high interest, SNAES initiated and facilitated a Memorandum of Understanding between Aflatoun International and the Ministry. The objectives of this partnership are to integrate Social and Financial Education in the formal educational system and a growing support for Teachers Training.

After this agreement, workshops were conducted to build a pool of national trainers and to research, or map, the national curriculum to see how Social and Financial Education could be integrated. Aside from these activities, SNAES was also actively engaged with Aflatoun Day and Global Money Week highlighting its programme and advocating for more visibility and understanding with the local authorities.

Signing the Memorandum of Understanding

In 2016, SNAES and Aflatoun International invited the Minister of Secondary Education to the Aflatoun International Meeting to show their commitment to the Network and share their strategic approach. This approach entails using the Aflatoun programme as a lever to achieve the objectives of educating entrepreneurship and life skills. Shortly after this meeting the Ministry arranged to set up Aflatoun clubs in all of the Secondary schools in Cameroon.

The Aflatoun experience in Cameroon enriches the Aflatoun Network and Secretariat with practical examples on how to work directly with the Ministries of Education to best integrate Social and Financial Education (SFE) and to best contribute to national policies in both improving the base content entrepreneurship and improving the quality of education.

SNAES is a member of the Federation of Education and Research Unions (FESER) ,affiliated to Education International.  For more information on the organization, please see their website.