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Partner of the week – Plan International Egypt

Posted in Partner of The Week on September 29, 2016

Plan International Egypt is our partner of the week


Plan International aims to achieve lasting improvements in the quality of life of children in developing countries, by enabling them, their families and communities to meet their basic needs. In Egypt, Plan works on healthcare, quality education, child protection and economic empowerment.


Plan Egypt is Aflatoun International’s lead partner in Egypt since 2007. The Aflatoun curriculum has been translated into Arabic, contextualised for the Egyptian setting and is implemented in formal and non-formal settings.


Currently, Plan Egypt implements the programme in 7 governorates in partnership with local Community Development Associations (CDA), several partner NGOs and support from the Egyptian Ministry of Education. The programme is now implemented in 100 formal schools, 150 girl friendly schools, 50 community schools as well as 500 youth groups in 70 Community Development Associations.


Together with the Egyptian Banking Institution, Plan Egypt is working towards the integration of the Aflatoun programme into the national curriculum as part of a strategy to improve financial literacy.


In 2015 in Egypt, 55,000 children and young people followed the Aflatoun programme, 62% of whom were girls. Hanan is one of them.


Hanan is a 14-year old girl from Ramada village in Qalubeya. She is the youngest of four children, she has three sisters and one brother. Before joining Aflateen, Hanan would devote all her time to attend school and go to private tutors and study. She believed that getting involved in any other activity would waste her time.


Hanan’s involvement in Aflatoun taught her about her rights and responsibilities and how to express her opinions confidently. In the beginning, she was shy to speak in front of her group, but after a few sessions, she was able to speak up and make presentations in front of her peers. With her group, Hanan decided to clean the streets in her village. “I was so happy with the results of our work. The streets look much better now. We also want to put rubbish bins in the streets, so people can get rid of their waste easily and the streets stay clean.” The Aflatoun group intends to meet with local officials to urge them to empty the bins regularly.


On a personal level, Hanan decided that she wants to finish school and enter university instead of getting married early. She believes that this will benefit her in the future. When she grows up she wants to become a Math teacher.


"I was so happy with the results of our work. The streets look much better now. We also want to put rubbish bins in the streets, so people easily can get rid of their waste and the streets stay clean." — Hanan (14 years) from Ramada village, Egypt