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Partner of the Week: Plan Honduras

Posted in Partner of The Week on April 4, 2018

Plan International is a development organisation, founded in 1937. It is one of the oldest and largest international development organisations working on behalf of children in the world, operating in 71 countries to create lasting change for children, as well as their communities. The aim of the organisation is to work towards a fairer world that promotes children’s rights and girls’ equality.

In Honduras, Plan International has been working for 41 years, promoting children’s defence and rights in 549 communities, positively affecting the lives of 293,600 girls, 261,200 boys, and their families. Its programmes are focused on quality education, gender equality, early childhood care, youth entrepreneurship, child protection, humanitarian response in case of disasters and strengthening of risk management.


In the childhood life cycle (6-12 years), 2,300 girls and boys are following the Aflatoun methodology in formal educational centres, which are generating savings and several social and financial enterprises, some of which have managed to generate up to 6,500 lempiras (~225 euros) as financial funds. This year, as part of the Aflatoun Day celebrations, girls and boys from Honduran and Colombian Aflatoun Clubs were sharing their experiences and challenges via Skype.

For adolescents (13 to 18 years old), Plan International Honduras is developing a project with non-formal Aflateen methodology, for the adolescents who come from indigenous areas, whose local economic activity is based on the production of coffee.

Plan International Honduras is part of the national network of organisations that implement Aflatoun in Honduras. Since 2017 it coordinates this space, joined by seven partner organisations implementing Aflatoun’s curricula. These organisations seek to make social and financial education visible as a right of children.