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Partner of the Week – NATCCO Philippines

Posted in Partner of The Week on August 3, 2017

For the past ten years, the National Association of Training Centers for Cooperatives (NATCCO) has been a partner of Aflatoun International. The financial organisation from the Philippines believes that cooperative development is driven by the private sector and people in need creating their own opportunities, to improve their wellbeing. NATCCO coordinates trainings and educational services for cooperatives at the national level. They implement Aflatoun’s programmes, which allow children from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds to learn about saving, spending, budgeting and investing. It also encourages them to be in charge of their own savings account, as they can save their money with NATCCO’s partner cooperatives.

NATCCO has made great progress in the past decade, implementing Aflatoun’s social and financial education in 903 partner schools. 430,000 children in the Philippines have completed the programme and the average amount saved per child is €6. Many educators have been adequately trained and 6,184 teachers actively delivered Aflatoun’s programme since the start of the partnership.

NATCCO has an active role in Aflatoun’s network as one of the high-growth countries in Asia. Through Aflatoun’s programmes, it aims to educate socially and economically responsible citizens. Especially in rural areas, this represents opportunities for NATCCO to expand its activities for children. Through a strong partnership with the Department of Education, Aflatoun’s social and financial education is methodically integrated in the general schools and local cooperatives. Simultaneously, the programme introduces cooperatives as credible financial institutions for youth and their community.

NATCCO’s advocacy efforts towards the Philippine government have been successful in obtaining national recognition of Aflatoun’s social and financial education, which lead to the official approval for implementation of the curriculum in all schools nationwide. This wonderful achievement together with its sustainability model, has made NATCCO serve as an example for other financial organisations such as cooperatives and banks in the region.

During the NATCCO Network 40th General Assembly in May 2017, Aflatoun International was recognised as partner in cooperative development and received the NATCCO Ruby Anniversary Award.