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Partner of the Week: Mercy Corps Tajikistan

Posted in Partner of The Week on December 21, 2016

Mercy Corps Tajikistan is our Partner of the Week

Since 1994, Mercy Corps has been working to help communities in Tajikistan reduce the potential for violent conflict and improve the health of more than 80,000 women.

Their strategy is to strengthen the economic development of communities by focusing on improved health services and youth empowerment, for example by educating adolescent girls about their rights and the risks of early marriage and pregnancy.


Mercy Corps adapted Aflateen to the Tajikistan context, creating Aflateen+

Mercy Corps Tajikistan started with the Aflatoun programme by integrating it in its Child-to-Child health programme. In 2012 they adapted the Aflateen programme to the Tajikistan context, creating Aflateen+. The expanded curriculum has an extended focus on reproductive health, family planning, and HIV/aids.

The Ministry of Health and Social Protection of the Population approved the Aflateen+ curriculum which eased its implementation at community level.

The programme targets girls aged 14 to 18 in secondary schools across two districts and consists of 10 peer-to-peer training sessions over eight weeks. Around 1200 participants take part in the programme.

Girls from participating schools formed an Aflateen club through which the core elements of Aflateen+ were taught and practiced. While supported by teachers and other adults, girls were the primary drivers of activities.

For a more extensive read on the results of the programme you can read Mercy Corps’s impact report (white paper) at this link. For more information about the organisation itself, please see their website.