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Partner of the Week: Fundación EDUCA, Mexico

Posted in Partner of The Week on September 28, 2017

Fundación Educa (EDUCA) was founded in 1995 to consolidate educational communities through the design, incubation, implementation and evaluation of innovative projects that promote educational quality. They now have a network of 89 schools in 13 states of the republic, supporting more than 16,000 children with limited resources.

In 2010, EDUCA started with the implementation of the Aflatoun programme, being one of the pioneering organisations to adopt social and financial education in Mexico. The programme promotes creativity, trust and leadership and is aimed at children who attend primary, secondary and high school. The objective is to stimulate entrepreneurship among pupils through the development of skills that allow them to have a dream, work for it and be actors of change to transform their community.

Throughout the years EDUCA has managed to establish alliances with private and government institutions, in order to strengthen the formative axes of the programme. They have taken the children on visits to bank branches and the Interactive Museum of Economics and have organised the opening of 84 savings bank accounts for the children and their families.

Besides the programme for children, EDUCA has designed a training plan for their parents in order to participate in their educational process and understand the benefits and scope of the programme. This includes involvement with their children’s entrepreneurial activities, which, in turn, has resulted in parents also becoming entrepreneurs in their own communities.

Fundación EDUCA has held for two consecutive years a Fair of Entrepreneurs. The Clubs present their financial or social enterprises during the school year, as well as their experiences and achievements.

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