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Posted in Partner of The Week on November 16, 2017

In 2011, the Aflatoun programme was first piloted in Yemen, despite the challenging economic and political conditions. Since then Aflatoun’s education has been implemented in ten schools across two governorates, Ebb and Aden, with the help of several local partners, NGOs, and councils. One of these organisations is our Partner of the Week: For All Foundation (FAF).

FAF works in the developmental and social field to meet the needs of society and also focuses on developing youth leadership skills, in which young people learn how to initiate and play an important role in developing society. This is mainly done through training programmes and exchange meetings among young people. The FAF activities take place in the following four areas: protection and advocacy, education, health, and rights.

Since 2015, FAF has been implementing the financial sections of the Aflateen curriculum in conjunction with other social programmes that the foundation provides. Due to the ongoing conflict in Yemen, Aflatoun’s activities were facing disruptions as all efforts and resources were channelled towards relief.