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Partner of the Week: Enda Inter-Arabe, Tunisia

Posted in Partner of The Week on August 10, 2017

Enda Inter-Arabe (Enda) was founded as a multi-sector development organisation focusing on education, environment and youth activities in Tunisia. Their mission is to contribute to the financial empowerment of marginalised populations, including women and young people, through a range of quality financial services and the promotion of entrepreneurship.

Since 2014 Enda has been a partner of Aflatoun International based on the common goal of empowering the most vulnerable ones. Enda’s staff was trained on Aflatoun’s methodologies which enabled them to teach children the programme in schools. Aflatoun clubs and activities were launched in schools across the country with 10 and 11-year-olds. Enda aspires to create partnerships and links with the Ministry of Education and works towards the national integration of social and financial education. All over Tunisia the organisation has 70 branches covering the 24 governorates, which potentially gives the Aflatoun programme a high level of outreach.

Through the programme young children not only learn to save money but they also collect objects of interest which they think are valuable and learn how to spend and use them responsibly. The pupils also learn to set personal goals for their future which is key for their individual development.

“I dream of putting a smile on the face of the deprived” — Oumaima, 11 years old

Thanks to its active learning method, Aflatoun’s programmes have been quickly adopted by the children. They enjoy participating in activities, especially around social and financial enterprises. The pupils come up with business ideas that allow them to make social change and earn money.

The programme does not come without any challenges though. There is a big difference between the classic approach in education in Tunisia and Aflatoun’s participatory approach. The interactive aspects are quite novel to many schools, so it might take some time to change their mindsets too.