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Partner of the Week: Children International Zambia

Posted in Partner of The Week on May 3, 2018

Children International is a global non-profit humanitarian organisation that helps children break the cycle of poverty. Funded in 1936 in the US, CI helps over 300,000 children globally through various programs in health, nutrition, education, material aid and youth empowerment. In Zambia, the Organization activities take place in three different community centres where they provide an Early Childhood Development programme focusing on emotional and social development among others. They also offer nutrition education to fight malnutrition and, to tackle unemployment challenges, CI Zambia provides robust youth programmes and Social and Financial Education. Thanks to its great work, last year CI-Zambia was recognized by the Governor of the Bank of Zambia for its Financial Literacy Program.

As an example, Bartholomew Banda, an Aflatot Club member managed to save K80.00 in 2016 which he used to buy his books when he started the first grade in 2017. While Mercy Banda, another Aflatot Club member, saved K250.00 for her first-grade school uniform in 2018.

"We really appreciate the Aflatoun Programme, Mercy has learned how to save money and now is more responsible at home too" — Mercy's Mom