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Partner of the Week: Childfund Indonesia

Posted in Partner of The Week on November 24, 2016

Partner of the Week: Childfund Indonesia

Childfund has been active in Indonesia since 1958, serving children from all age groups to gain access to high-quality education. By working with parents, teachers, principals and other community members, they have spread the Child-Friendly School model in several communities. This model promotes safe, clean and healthy schools where children participate actively in the classroom and everyone’s rights are respected and protected.


In 30 schools, children take part in Aflatoun clubs, which teach social, civic and financial skills appropriate to the children’s ages and levels of development. Childfund started with the Aflatoun programme in November 2014 and is currently implementing the programme with local NGOs in 4 provinces i.e. Central Java, Lampung and South Sumatera and East Nusa Tenggara.  The latter province is currently the most advanced regarding the implementation and number of children. All provinces together reach almost 10,000 children.


Aflatot Integration Ahead

Both the Director of the Early Childhood Development Directorate Indonesia and the Education advisor of Childfund attended the Aflatoun International Meeting in The Hague last November where they met many regional partners implementing Aflatot. This led to intensified talks about cooperation and meant a push towards integration of the Aflatot curriculum in the Republic of Indonesia.

This is the first time that the Aflatot program will be implemented in Indonesia

Childfund has introduced Aflatot to the Indonesia Early Childhood Development working group whose members include people from other organizations such as World Vision, PLAN, Save the Children and UNICEF. This stirred their interest in joining the pilot project which would be a great stimulus for the implementation.

For the upcoming years, Childfund Indonesia works with the Ministry of Education and the Early Childhood Development Directorate to pilot Aflatot and lead the national integration process.  With a new grant of 750,000 USD to implement Aflatot and scale up the Aflatoun programme in Indonesia for 3 years, Childfund Indonesia will make a big contribution to the achievement of the Aflatoun Network goal for 2020.


You can read more about Childfund Indonesia on their website.