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Partner of the Week: Childfund Ethiopia

Posted in Partner of The Week on January 12, 2017

Childfund Ethiopia is our Partner of the Week

ChildFund Ethiopia focuses on child and maternal health services, nutrition, child protection, access to early childhood development services, orphan support, economic strengthening, water and sanitation, and parent and caregiver education.


Childfund Ethiopia joined the Aflatoun network in November 2015.  They have mainstreamed Aflatoun’s Social and Financial Education (SFE) into its programme strategy that targets children and young people. Childfund has a programme that follows a life stages-approach that matches Aflatoun’s age appropriate learning materials on SFE. Childfund adopted the different curricula that Aflatoun developed on SFE into the different life stage programmes, ensuring a continuous delivery of SFE through the child and youth development programmes.

Childfund is implementing SFE through its 12 local partner organizations in 4 Regions of Ethiopia (Addis Ababa, Oromia, SNNRP and Amhara).  In 2016, it has trained more than 280 teachers and trainers who are currently delivering SFE children and young people in pre-primary, primary and secondary schools. In 2017, Childfund is planning to train additional 400 staff members of partner organizations and teachers.  These training will equip the Childfund’s local partner’s internal capacity to deliver a quality SFE to the children and young people in their programme. Through these core group of teachers and trainers, Childfund is aiming to deliver SFE to all the children and young people it is reaching under its programme strategy.


Childfund has also been playing a major role in leading the national network for social and financial education, hosting its annual stakeholders meeting in July 2016.


To learn more about Childfund Ethiopia, please visit their website.