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Partner of the Week: ATINATI

Posted in Partner of The Week on March 31, 2017

ATINATI is our Partner of the Week

Association ATINATI is the first public Non-Governmental Organization established in Zugdidi, Georgia in 1995. It has been functioning successfully for over 20 years and continues to make a positive difference to individuals, society and the environment. ATINATI’s mission is to promote the establishment of an educated, tolerant and free society. To accomplish its mission, ATINATI raises awareness of citizens in rural Georgia and implements projects that advocate for citizens’ rights and involvement in social and economic processes. The organization pays special attention to the needs of most vulnerable groups among them IDP’s (Internally displaced people affected by the armed conflict in early 90s).

The Association joined the Aflatoun global network in 2013. That same year ATINATI staff were trained with the support from Aflatoun Secretariat by the Regional Master Trainer for Eastern Europe and Central Asia from Foundation for Development of Human Resources (Georgia). Since 2013 ATINATI implements Aflateen and Aflatoun for non-formal education programmes with Georgian children and youth.

Traditionally, every year the summer school is organized for local young people and IDPs where approximately 100 children between 8-15 years old are enrolled. ATINATI facilitators are in charge of implementing different Aflatoun core activities within summer schools that last for 5 hours each day for at least 10 days in total. During Aflatoun Summer Schools kids take part in the educational activities dedicated to topics such as: Self exploration and understanding, roles and responsibilities in the family, volunteering, active citizenship, traffic rules, discovering information about different countries and cultures, money management, savings, budgeting, world currencies, arts and drama, ecology, tolerance and respect towards diversity. The summer school is specifically created for children and young people who otherwise do not have access to information regarding financial literacy and social and civic education. The educational activities are conducted in playful and interactive way using Aflatoun’s active learning methods.


The facilitators at the end of the summer school observer how Aflatoun programme helps children develop their short term and long term goals and step by step implementation plans. For example, one of the parents of summer school participant shared with ATINATI, that her daughter independently organized her birthday in the entertainment center with her savings without asking for financial support.  Another participant of the summer school calculated how much hazelnut harvest he had to collect in autumn season on his family farm to save enough money for his dream bike by the end of the year. Georgian young Aflatounies were also very excited to take part in Aflatoun International day celebration and Global Skype Call with Chinese peers last year. We hope they had a great, active Aflatoun Day this year as well.

See the organisations website at this link.