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Partner of the Week: AMG International Guatemala

Posted in Partner of The Week on June 2, 2017

AMG International Guatemala has implemented Aflatoun’s programmes in 19 urban “school reinforcement centres” (centros de refuerzo escolar – CFE), 17 in the rural area, and 11 schools. This has been achieved through the support of 70 teachers and local trainers, plus three national trainers and a regional trainer.

Since 2014 AMG has contextualised Aflatoun’s programmes in response to the needs of girls and young people in high-risk areas (exposed to gangs and drug trafficking) as well as in rural areas with little or no access to basic services or education. As well, Aflatoun’s curriculum for non-formal education has been adapted to street students who have never been in a formal education system.

Aflatoun International offers a programme of entrepreneurship and social and financial improvement, positively affecting around 7,000 children and young people in the central, northern, eastern and western regions of Guatemala.

Besides reaching out to street children and youngsters, the Social and Financial Entrepreneurship programme has been implemented across pre-primary (Aflatot), primary (Aflatoun) and secondary (Aflateen) levels in Guatemala. In these lessons not only the pupils learn about savings, entrepreneurship and the creation of school gardens, their parents very often participate too.


Learning about the use of resources has been very important as they gain knowledge of different uses of materials, the creation of orchards and soil fertilized with organic material. In rural areas the creation of “school gardens” allows children to be aware and take care of the environment, while generating their own grown food.

During 2016, young people who participated in the Aflateen programme, created a micro-enterprise, CleanHands, selling cleaning products working as an anti-bacterial disinfectant. The profits made have been used for recreational activities, contributing to the welfare of their families. AMG seeks to develop more of these projects involving the nucleus of the family in the development of programmes.


“Young people who participate in the Aflateen program have learned to value themselves as individuals, as members of a family and as members of society. They have the freedom in these spaces to express their dreams, emotions, goals and desires. They become better accepted, learn to live together, generating a culture of peace and harmony in the community. My students live in a highly dangerous urban area, exposed to gangs and have grown up in a culture of violence and extreme poverty. For them, achieving dialogue in unity is a challenge. Through the Aflateen programme they can achieve it without barriers of emotions or culture”.

Pablo Ramírez Salazar – Local trainer comments on the testimony of his work with the programme.


More information on AMG on their website.