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Partner of the week: The Academy of Public Administration, Russian Federation

Posted in Partner of The Week on May 18, 2017

The Academy of Public Administration (ASOU) is a young and promising university, which was established by the Resolution of Moscow’s Regional Government in 2004. ASOU carries out educational activities in accordance with the programmes of higher education and additional professional education (advanced training and retraining of teaching staff). The structure of ASOU includes nine research centres that support the implementation of programmes and projects aimed at the development of education in the Moscow region.

Since 2011, ASOU has been actively involved in the implementation of international and domestic projects in the field of financial literacy for children and young people. In 2012, ASOU became a partner organisation of Aflatoun International and coordinator of social and financial education in Russia.

Russian Aflatoun programme

ASOU adapted the Aflatoun curriculum for the Russian educational system in line with the requirements of the Federal State Standards. The programme contains components of financial literacy, educational models and technologies, personal and social learning outcomes, and forms of social partnership.
Currently, the project is represented in five regions of the Russian Federation: the Moscow, Arkhangelsk, Volgograd regions, the Republic of Kalmykia and the Republic of Dagestan. In total, more than 80 educational organisations and more than 100 trained teachers participate in the project. The total number of students using Aflatoun textbooks and participating in various programme activities in 2016-2017 academic year is more than 40.000.

“The Aflatoun programme taught me how to work in a team. In the Aflatoun class we discuss a lot, play and talk. Last year, I prepared a financial enterprise project related to culinary and have successfully defended it at the competition on regional level.” — Chupov Artem (9th grade)

Some schools deliver social and financial education within the framework of formal education as a supplement to the mandatory subjects, the other part of schools deliver Aflatoun programme in the form of club activities.

All 80 educational organisations involved in the project develop various social enterprises aimed at improving the school environment, the surrounding area, supporting people with disabilities and veterans, and publishing wall newspapers about children’s activities and the Aflatoun programme.

In the past three years the Academy conducted 14 scientific and methodological seminars, 11 trainings that was attended by more than 200 educators.

“In Aflatoun classes our son learned about children's enterprises, planning and budgeting, and savings account. He independently studied the causes of poverty of some people in our community.” — Kozlova Tatyana Nikolaevna (mother)

Future plans

In the near future, it is planned to expand the geography of the project in the Krasnoyarsk and Krasnodar Territories, increase the number of schoolchildren and college students, and conduct monitoring and evaluation activities to assess the effectiveness of the programme in Russia.

“If I have to describe the Aflatoun programme in a few words, ‘To teach not for school, but for life’, comes to mind.” — Raude Oksana, teacher of 6th and 7th grades