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Partner of the Week: The Children’s Hope Association (Amal El Tifl) 

Posted in Partner of The Week on June 2, 2020

The Children’s Hope Association (Amal El Tifl) is an organisation based in Algeria. It has been working for more than a decade to protect and operationalize the rights of the children in the Tizi Ouzou province in Algeria through educational and recreational workshops and activities. Each year, they reach more than 100 children in the region.

The organisation is also a member of the Algerian Network for the Defense of Children’s Rights (NADA) and it benefits from the network’s programmes and activities to promote the rights of the child.

Our Partnership  

We started partnering with Children’s Hope in 2019. They launched our Aflatoun curriculum. The Aflatoun’s core programme builds on a child’s natural curiosity and teaches them positive associations with themes as children’s rights, saving and enterprise but also incorporates songs, worksheets, games and activities, as well as active-learning methods. 

Aflatoun is an exciting programme, easy and clear to implement. It encourages children to learn more about their rights and be proactive members of their communities. It also helps our staff to build a qualified team of local trainers familiar with child rights and financial and social education,” a staff member shared with us.  

Breaking social taboos  

Amal El Tifl Association also raises awareness on self-protection behaviours from sexual exploitation and child labour by working on educating parents to break social taboos: “through the implementation of this programme, our team detected many child labour cases and tried to raise the awareness of children and their parents on this issue,” they told us.

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