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Partner of the Week: Stepping Stones International – Botswana

Posted in Partner of The Week on August 30, 2018

Stepping Stones International (SSI) is opening doors for vulnerable young people in Botswana through our programme Aflateen. The organisation has implemented the curriculum in more than 22 schools empowering more than 2500 boys and girls.

SSI was founded in Botswana in 2005 to unlock the potential of orphaned and vulnerable young people aged from 12 to 25 years old. The organisation focuses on holistic development, enriching families and activating sustainable opportunities for young people to become independent.

The organisation achieves this through four programme pillars. The first pillar focuses on empowering out of-of-school young people with leadership skills through financial literacy and entrepreneurship attitudes. It also focuses on equipping in-school young people with valuable life skills and knowledge, such as study skills, sexual and reproductive health knowledge and decision-making abilities. The organisation also provides psychosocial support and advocates for gender equality and protection of children’s rights in local communities.

SSI has been has been using the Aflateen methodology in life skills classes and vulnerable girl’s safe spaces in 22 schools in Botswana, reaching a total of 2500 boys and girls. Through 15 schools, they also invite the most vulnerable to participate in Naledi Clubs (Shining Start Clubs) which focus on economic empowerment and building social assets. Almost 300 students have joined this club in the past three months.

“I learned how to sell, and I am going to use the skills again in the future," — said an enthusiastic participant of the programme.

After engaging in Aflateen sessions, young people got the opportunity to put their skills into practice by creating incubator companies such as Pretty Peacocks, Mochudi Art Masters and Mocookies. The young entrepreneurs used recycled materials to create jewelry from bottle caps, money Purses from juice cartons and candle holders out of tin cans. Pretty Peacocks even donated some of the money it raised from selling clothes to the vulnerable families in the community.

For more information about Stepping Stones International and its’ work in Botswana visit the organisations’ website. If you would like to join Aflatoun’s global movement learn more at