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Partner of the Week: Solifede RDC

Posted in Blogs on May 11, 2021

Solidarités de femmes, filles et enfants de la RDC pour le développement, or Solifede RDC, has been working for 9 years in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to promote the socio-economic wellbeing, and rights of women, girls and children. They are focused on promoting education to combat ignorance and poverty, raising awareness amongst communities on the root causes of socio-economic underdevelopment by establishing both formal and informal education centres. They also implement multi-disciplinary projects promoting sustainable community development including agricultural entrepreneurship, technology literacy, community and reproductive health, as well as education around sustainability and local governance.  

[We have been] educating vulnerable street groups to become independent entrepreneurs and [teaching] informal groups in social and financial education — Solifede RDC employee


Aflatoun started partnering with Solifede RDC in November 2020, making them one of our newest partners. They will be implementing the Aflateen+ and AflaYouth programmes, working with local partners in the Fizi and Uvira regions, the South Kivu, Maniema, Tanganyika and Lualaba provinces, and at the national level. They will also be providing training for local partners and trainers, and working with local government, educational institutions, and informal groups on implementing social and financial education.  

Since the start of their collaboration with Aflatoun, they have worked on raising awareness of the importance of social and financial education with over 40 school officers, with more than 10 schools benefiting from the preparatory awareness-building in Solifede’s chosen communities. 


Watch their submission to our Partners Resilience Challenge below: