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Partner of the Week: SAHIL

Posted in Partner of The Week on October 6, 2020

SAHIL is the organisation in Pakistan that works on the issue of child sexual abuse and exploitation. SAHIL is established in 1996 with the mission to develop a protective environment for children free from all forms of violence, especially child sexual abuse and exploitation.

Our partnership

Aflatoun officially renewed its partnership with SAHIL in 2019, although we have been working together for the last 10 years. Now they implement our Aflateen+ curricula. Aflateen+ is a powerful educational programme for girls and boys and features life skills, financial education, entrepreneurship and sexual & reproductive health & rights. The programme is based on student-centred learning methods.

“The Aflatoun curriculum is a great addition to our programme as it encourages children and young people to be aware of their own responsibilities, think about entrepreneurship future and ways to improve their life,” a team member shared with us.

Success Stories

SAHIL wants to be able to provide children and young people with knowledge that builds their capacity to be caring and humane individuals with the ability to lead a productive life. They share a couple of successful examples with us.

Our club has started our own enterprises. We make handicrafts and sell them in the market. We have organized fundraising events. With our savings, we have helped some girls to go to school. — A Student from Adolescent Friendly Centers of Plan Pakistan in Chakwal
We have a common Gulluk in our Aflatoun club. We save money and good deeds in the Gulluk. — A Student from Mashal Model School