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Partners of the Week: The Aflatoun Network in Peru

Posted in Partner of The Week on April 14, 2017

Achievements of the Aflatoun programme in Peru through multiple partners

The Aflatoun Network in Peru is considered one of the most successful cases of how to promote the inclusion of the social and financial education in the national curriculum and effectively scale-up the programme through existing public programs and infrastructure.

The Aflatoun Network is integrated by six active partner organizations: Vision Solidaria, Plan International, ODAER, Finca Perú, World Vision and CARE. They implement customized programmes in different regions and reach together over 73.000 children and youth countrywide. They provide a broad array of experiences implementing the programme: in rural, peri-urban and urban contexts; in coastal regions, highlands and amazon; and in small and large schools.

Ever since 2008, the Aflatoun partners have supported the Ministry of Education in its discussions on financial education and have been part of the process that resulted in the new national curriculum, which was approved in 2016. The national curriculum includes the core elements promoted by Aflatoun´s social and financial education approach. The advocacy work carried out by the partners has allowed for effective collaboration with the Ministry of Education, helping to strengthen the curricular technical proposal with the experiences of these organizations, with the purpose of creating an entrepreneurial and financial culture in the country’s educational institutions at the national level.

We know there is still much to contribute to assure children develop sound financial and social skills and, as a result, become agents of change in their own lives and communities — Aflatoun Network in Peru

Peru’s Financial Education Program for Secondary school level students is a particularly interesting example of financial education outreach. The Superintendence of Banks, Insurance Companies and Private Pension Funds of Peru (SBS) and the Ministry of Education have partnered to develop and implement the Financial Education Program for Secondary Students. Aflatoun’s partners have been produced didactic and pedagogical material that allows a progressive approach to the areas of entrepreneurial, financial and social education, observing them as a holistic whole.

Currently, the Aflatoun Network is focused on supporting the Ministry of Education and the Superintendence of Banks, Insurance Companies and Private Pension Funds of Peru (SBS) in introducing financial education at primary level, by emphasizing the need to balance financial with personal and social skills, as well as relate it to entrepreneurship. The main challenge is how to effectively implement the financial components in a context where public schools and teachers face many challenges and limitations.

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