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Partner of the Week: Nuestra Escuela Puerto Rico

Posted in Partner of The Week on June 13, 2018

Nuestra Escuela, Inc. Puerto Rico is a non-governmental organization offering education services to youth and adults who have not completed the fourth year of high school and are out of school. These services are based on personal education strategies and socio-emotional development activities with the aim of strengthening their self-esteem to help them to explore their talents. Participants take part in cultural and recreational activities allowing them to become aware of the importance of care and welfare of the environment.

The Aflatoun curriculum has been integrated as part of Nuestra Escuela’s activities. Their work focuses on the development of programs aimed at the advancement of skills that allow participants to generate social, financial or hybrid business initiatives.

As part of the learning process, both young people and new members have participated in various actions related to land reclamation, the development of urban gardens and businesses, and the creation of a mosquito repellent.
Currently, Nuestra Escuela serves 276 children and adolescents in Puerto Rico, and they are working in six public schools in the Caguas area.

To ensure a successful delivery of the program, the organisation has trained 46 teachers and school directors.  Students and staff of the school were trained in savings, spending, and budgeting via a workshop offered thanks to Banco Popular de Puerto Rico.

The work with the public schools has had an impact on the education of 1,500 boys and girls. Nuestra Escuela has also shared these practices with teachers from its sister school St. Charles Lwanga in Kenya, Africa.

Nuestra Escuela is not only seen as a reference for Puerto Rican alternative education, but it is also recognized as a successful model of personalized, alternative and democratic education for the Caribbean and the Americas. — Teacher from Nuestra Escuela


To learn more about the organisation, visit this website: