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Partner of the Week: Association Wona Sanana

Posted in Partner of The Week on March 9, 2021

Wona Sanana is a nonprofit organisation operating in Mozambique since 2003. They are dedicated to Early Childhood Care and Education. Their mission is to promote innovative initiatives that contribute to ensuring the full and inclusive satisfaction of the rights and the holistic development of children with the support of their family, community, and state. 


Wona Sanana provides technical assistance to several actors implementing early childhood development (ECD) and advocates for a major involvement from government agencies towards ECD and child protection. Wona Sanana is an active organisation that has been encouraging the country’s stakeholders and government to enhance and improve the support to the preschools and primary schools and to develop education programmes in a holistic, inclusive and integrated way. They achieve this by highlighting and implementing trainings, and developing learning material based on the use of locally available resources.      

Through these resources and efforts, they aim to improve social issues that affect them locally with an emphasis on establishing positive changes from an early age. 

We stand for a country where institutions and people’s actions, in general, are focused on innovative initiatives, in the promotion of child protection, participation and valuing the creative potential and the local community knowledge. — A Wona Sanana Staff Member

By working in close cooperation with national and international partners, as well as the Mozambican government, Wona Sanana has been able to develop locally adapted early childhood development programmes that include methodologies and materials that are best fitted to the needs of children. This allows children and young people to have the necessary relevant skills that they will need to thrive in their environment and adapt to other environments. 

 Our Partnership  

Wona Sanana mobilises partnerships locally and abroad that add value to its vision and mission. Since the beginning of their partnership with Aflatoun International in 2010, they have been able to further mobilise the technical capacity, resources and assistance from Aflatoun’s long experience of working with adolescents and youth worldwide.  

Through the partnership with Aflatoun International, we have access to resources, experience from other countries, technical assistance that makes our interventions increasingly relevant and meaningful for children in Mozambique. — A Wona Sanana employee

Wona Sanana has been implementing AflateenAflatot and Aflatoun curricula. Teaching social and financial education through these curricula helps Wona Sanana promote and consolidate the idea of responsibility and commitment in the management of both community and individual resources. Financial education helps communities overcome some of the barriers that arise from harmful socio-cultural values present in many of the fields where they work. Wona Sanana uses Aflatoun curricula to promote the values of respect for human rights and the effective citizenship, which strengthens local communities as they learn to safeguard their rights as well as the rights of others. Social and financial education as provided by the Aflatoun curricula have been able to compliment the national education curriculum in Mozambique where these various aspects and themes are not addressed in depth. 

Wona Sanana is proud to be part of Aflatoun and have the privilege to expand the Aflatoun to the communities where it operates and thus help the communities to improve cultural practices that contribute for the child, adolescents and youth development. We are also proud to work and support the teachers providing them with approaches and resources that help children become active during the learning process. — A Wona Sanana employee

Scaled partnership  

 In 2019, Wona Sanana provided a technical assistance to a local partner Reencontro from Maputo- Kamavota Municipal District. Reencontro is a non-profit local organisation, their programmes contribute for a sustainable development of orphaned and vulnerable children through direct work with the communities and families. They work with children from 6 to 14 years old promoting their permanence in school and their readiness for successful careers through the integration of the Social and Financial Education package (Aflatoun). This partnership, continues to be implemented in 5 schools where Aflatoun clubs have been created, and are running social and financial activities. 

A Wona Sanana education officer shared with us her experience in making a meaningful change through the training initiatives offered by the organisation. After having taught subjects such as children’s rights, saving, entrepreneurship, democratic constitution of children’s clubs she shared: 

[the topics] require children to work together, organise their savings and start small business activities and community improvement, and in this way, lay the foundations for their future. On the other hand, I was interested in the fact that it guides the students to make the right choices when it comes to decision making process that may compromise their lives in the future. Providing support to the children clubs, made me also change some of my habits, approaches such as the critical thinking and financial skills that allowed me to achieve my dreams. This training was a good starting point... — Nércio Machava – Education Officer.

Wona Sanana shares Aflatoun’s passion for contributing to the lives of children and young people through a holistic education that sharpens their skills in ways that will prepare them for their futures, and allow them to shape their local communities. It is special for us to be able to see the impact of social and financial education through the stories of our partners, as they further strengthen our common mission for children empowerment.