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Partner of the Week – Plan International Jordan

Posted in Partner of The Week on November 10, 2020

Plan International Jordan is an NGO based in Amman, Jordan that focuses on early childhood care and development, capacity building, women & girls’ empowerment, and child protection. The organisation promotes inclusive education, ensuring that all marginalised children have the support they need to learn and develop.  

Plan International Jordan works to protect children from the violence of child labour while promoting and providing early childhood development, hygiene, emergency response and recovery, and economic empowerment through education. By acting as a bridge between the Jordanian government and vulnerable children and their communities since 2016, Plan International Jordan addresses the biggest inequalities and violations of children’s rights and reaches  approximately 6000 children and young people per year. 

“By focusing on the key issues faced by the most vulnerable children, especially girls, among refugee and host communities, we are working where we are needed most and can have the biggest impact,” a staff member shared with us.

Our Partnership  

Since 2017, we have been partnering with Plan International Jordan and worked together to further promote social and financial education for children and young people in the region. Our approach is based on five core elements which when combined creates balanced social and financial empowerment:  

  • Personal understanding and exploration
  • Rights and responsibilities 
  • Savings and spending 
  • Planning and budgeting 
  • Social and financial enterprise 

They are currently implementing the Aflatot (3-6 years old), the Afatoun (6-14 years old), and Aflateen (14-18 years old) curriculum.  

The project also enrols adolescent aged 10- 17 in in-formal education activities (literacy & numeracy) to support children for transition to formal and/or protect them from dropping out. This age group will be introduced to Aflatoun program to increase their social and financial literacy and life skills program. Furthermore, as part of the exit strategy, youth who graduated from Aflatoun program and are above 18, will be introduced as ambassadors of change in their communities.  

Recently, Plan Jordan has also been applying our Aflayouth curriculum for the age group of 18-24. In this programme youth is introduced to the social and financial skills set which shows participants what skills they already possess, how to build upon their strengths, how to find their true interests, and to show them what choices they have in life, all while working towards the goal of financial security and stability.  

Plan International Jordan during the COVID-19 pandemic 

Now, with COVID-19 shaping the future of the world. Plan International Jordan, like many, have had to adapt to the new challenges that this pandemic has presented us. As a humanitarian NGO, they are committed to tackling such modern challenges to create the most sustainable empowerment of children and young people. Notable young girls, whose progress towards equality is being actively unravelled by the setbacks as a result of the pandemic.  

They have responded to the crisis with a focus on communicating public health information, installing hand washing facilities and distributing hygiene kits whilst ensuring that the needs and rights of girls, young women and vulnerable people are addressed as the COVID 19 crisis unfolds.  

“We have developed a robust COVID-19 response plan to address the most urgent needs of vulnerable groups in the country – particularly children and adolescent girls. The organisation is now focusing on integrated and holistic programming including child protection and education, as well as COVID-19 hygiene and awareness-raising measures,” they shared with us. 

Aflatoun International and Plan International Jordan continue to be committed to empowering vulnerable children and young people by providing social and financial education, in order to provide them with the tools to become the future leaders and thinkers the world needs.  

Plan International volunteer distributes hygiene kits in Azraq refugee camp, Jordan.