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Partner of the Week: Life Vision for Development

Posted in Partner of The Week on March 16, 2021

Life Vision for Development is a non-profit organisation based in Cairo, Egypt. They work towards community transformation within Egypt from a bottom-up approach that focuses on marginalised groups; notably women, children and youth in rural and underdeveloped areas. 

By establishing partnerships with other local NGO’s and grass root community-based organisations in Cairo and Upper EgyptLife Vision for Development co-implements projects that increase the capacity and opportunity for sustainable structured transformation within local Egyptian communities through practical deeds. 

Life Vision for Development seeks to equip and inspire youth to mobilise their community through the use of continuous learning of science, technology, art, sports and music. The organisation designs professional development programmes that help alleviate poverty by promoting self-reliance and structured community transformation. With a reach of over 500 students in various programmesLife Vision for Development has actively contributed to the investment of untapped potential within local communities. 


Our work empowers children, women, youth and the elderly in the most vulnerable areas on the outskirts of Cairo and in Upper Egypt. The programmes tackle a wide range of global issues which have impact on poverty. — A Life Vision for Development staff member.

Our Partnership 

Life Vision for Development has been in partnership with Aflatoun International since 2018. They have since been implementing AflatotAflatoun and Aflateen programmes to empower communities with social and financial education that can further solidify their autonomy and sense of community.  

Life Vision for Development has a Farmer Field School programme which aims to teach people sustainable farming practices, allowing people to achieve independent sources of income while strengthening their community by becoming self-sufficient and more ecologically conscious. Child clubs have been established alongside them, allowing both parents and teachers to invest in themselves. 

Through Child Clubs, Life Vision for Development is able to implement Aflatoun’s five core elements: Personal understanding and Exploration, Rights and Responsibilities, Saving and Spending, Planning and Budgeting, Social and Financial enterprise. Students are also equipped with concepts surrounding good health, hygiene and life skills through Aflatoun supplement programmes. These courses are followed up by a peer education training program so that children can spread the message among their peers in schools, clubs and other venues. As a result, children and young people are given the tools and environment to discover themselves and know that they are unique and equipped with valuable skills and talents.   

Additionally, to Child Clubs, the Oasis Center/’El Wa7a,’  has been established to provide complete child development support by providing a safe haven for children to learn, play, innovate and discover their talents and potential to positively impact society. The “Oasis” center aims to build the capacity of local community members to be able to lead the development work in their community and primarily tackle the sensitive issue of violence and abuse. The project targets developing 300 children between the ages of 9 and 17 and offers parenting classes and social awareness to their families through Aflatoun social and financial curricula. 

Life Vision for Development staff member shared with us the impact of Aflatoun curricula within the Oasis center 

[There has been a] proven paradigm shift, moving away from the stereotypical objectification of women to seeing them as equals, which, by implication, means a reduced likelihood of exposure to violent acts against women. Parents are also giving us feedback on witnessing changes in their children’s behaviors and attitudes.

Impact Stories  

Life Vision for Development’s ability to teach people their rights and various means of capitalising off of their skills is strengthened by the personalisation of approaches that are most relevant to the local communities. They have shared some inspiring impact stories that illustrate how empowering women with sustainable farming skills has allowed them to support themselves and their families. 

The Child Clubs and Oasis school not only allow for an educational space for children and young people to perfect their skills, but also acts safe space for them to nurture themselves, their relationships and their interpersonal skills.  


there was a variety of activities for us to choose from: organizing storage, playing with the kids, or painting. I chose painting so I could do more than just help people financially. [Peoples’] needs are not only financial they can also be emotional; the centre allows us to give each other a moral boost — a student at the Oasis Center

Through this multilevel approach of community building, Life Vision for Development provides communities with a well-structured holistic development programme. Empowering communities and children to be the best people and agents of change they can be.