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Partner of the Week: FundaCreafam

Posted in Partner of The Week on December 1, 2020

FundaCreafam is an interdisciplinary NGO based in Antioquia, Colombia. They work for the axiological, economic and social strengthening, within the framework of the Cooperative Philosophy. Named after the economic initiatives they seek to make accessible to their local communities, ‘credit, recreation, and family savings,’ FundaCreafam works towards increased community wellness and progress. Their mission is to promote financial and social development, build productive sustainable friendships, and transform financial services into social benefits. FundaCreafam has worked with its strategic ally, C.E.R Guamito (Rural Educational Center), to contextualise and implement the Aflatoun program in its education project.

Partnership with Aflatoun 

Since 2018, FundaCreafam’s partnership with Aflatoun International has allowed them to adapt Aflatoun curricula to the needs of rural communities. For example, in the municipality of El Peñol in Antioquia after training 23 teachers, the social and financial education programme was expanded to reach 388 families and about 500 students, between the ages of 5 and 16 years.  

FundaCreafam’s staff member says about the Aflatoun curricula: “ This is an engaging program for students and it motivates them through the use of student-centered methods. The various activities (songs, games, exercise sheets, consultation and observation work, group projects and experiential exercises) contribute to their comprehensive training.” 

FundaCreafam has highlighted the importance of the Aflatoun complementary activities, and how they are well adapted in the different areas of children’s learning process.  

Adapting to COVID-19  

COVID-19 has brought many challenges to the forefront of education globally. To keep the community engaged and to continue teaching process in these challenging times, FundaCreafam has been using Aflatoun curricula. “This program has generated a great impact in different communities, as it has been very popular even during the time of the pandemic. The support of parents in the development of activities with the students at home has been evident,” a staff member said. 

The organisation adapted and applied Aflatoun curricula during quarantine by using a variety of technological means, including low, medium and high-tech solutions. Workshops have been formatted and designed to be either distributed to families through WhatsApp, or printed for those who do not have access to such technological resources. 

Through various means of distribution, they use Aflatoun’s flexible activities to better fit the needs of children and young people. This has allowed students and their families to take ownership of the program and gain customised skills that are relevant to their communities. These activities are guided by set objectives that aim to equip students with valuable life skills.  

Some brief examples objectives include: 

  • Allowing students to share their experiences and emotional experiences during the lockdown. Students expressed their emotions and feelings that they have experienced during the quarantine through colors. 
  • Understanding the concept of savings and identifying what resources can be saved with a hands-on-approach in order to understand how savings work. 
  • Introducing the issue of equal rights and gender. This is done with the reflection on how adolescent students and their families can further contribute to a more gender equality in everyday actions.   
Children are encouraged to express themselves through art and discussing their changing emotions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

These are just a few examples of how children have been using education to cope and grow during the quarantine. FundaCreafam has used their network and resources to continue providing children and young people with access to engaging social and financial education, and providing emotional support and creative outlets as a means to overcome the hurdles of the pandemic.