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Partner of the Week: Fundacion CRISFE

Posted in Partner of The Week on February 2, 2021

Fundacion CRISFE is a non-profit organisation based in Quito Ecuador that manages social projects in three areas: Education, Entrepreneurship and Territorial Development. For over 24 years, the foundation has carried out social intervention through these three areas in aims to create opportunities and improve living conditions of Ecuadorians, particularly those in vulnerable situations.  

Fundación CRISFE’s mission is to positively impact the lives of people in Ecuador, through the strengthening of their capacities and competencies, based on sustainable models” 

As of this year the foundation is delivering programmes to ten educational units, reaching over 4500 children and adolescents with the support of 130 teachers. 

Our Partnership 

Fundacion CRISFE started their partnership with Aflatoun International in 2016, seeking to strengthen the skills, competencies and behaviors of children and adolescents regarding the administration of resources. In strategic alliance with the NOBIS foundation, Fundacion CRISFE has been able to integrate Aflatoun programmes into several formal Education Centers, in order to prepare students with the necessary financial education that had been missing from formal education curricula. 

Since, they have used Aflatoun and Aflateen curricula and programmed to promote the knowledge and use of financial products and services that respond to the reality of children and adolescent’s bright futures. Fundacion CRISFE’s partnership with Aflatoun has further allowed them to fulfill the purpose of developing a comprehensive social and financial education in children and adolescents that have an impact on transforming their quality of life and well-being. 

“The most relevant are the tools that the teacher has to develop life skills in students, strengthen their knowledge and stimulate their empowerment as agents of change.”  — Fundación CRISFE Staff Member
November 2020: Otto Arosemena Gómez Educational Unit Ecuador Country, Guayas Province - Milagro Canton, delivering Aflatot and Aflatoun programmes

Accessibility of programmes during the pandemic 

Like many, Fundacion CRISFE has taken Aflatot an Aflatoun to online platforms in order to maintain the accessibility to social and financial education during the pandemic, reaching just under 500 students.  

Online Classes November 16, 2020 Adolfo Álvarez Escobar School Ecuador Country, Guayas Province - Milagro Canton, where they use Aflatot and Aflatoun programmes

They shared some testimonies from those who experience the impact of their work, allowing us to see the multi-level ways in which social and financial education can shape communities:  

First grader Luisa of the Adolfo Alvarez Escobar School praises Aflatoun curriculum ability for “teaching her to save” 

“For the parents, the success of the Aflatoun project is the integrality to develop the human values, rights and duties of children and adolescents, as well as maintaining good relationships with friends, family and the community. In addition [it strengthens] the responsible use of resources to implement ventures, issues that are very important for children to develop a good Financial Culture from an early age.”  — Alexandra Quijije, Family mother at School of Basic Fiscal Education "Manuel María Sánchez"