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Partner of the Week: Mobaderoon

Posted in Partner of The Week on July 21, 2020

Mobaderoon is an open network of institutions committed to education for peace in the Arab region. Annually they reach nearly 2000 children and young people between 14 and 35 years of age. Mobaderoon works towards the vision of “building trust and understanding to support peaceful co-existence” through empowering and building the capacities of individuals and organisations.  

Our partnership  

We started partnering in 2012. In Syria, Mobaderoon helped to adapt Aflatoun’s curricula for peace education, reaching over ten thousand children and young people in various parts of the country. In close collaboration with them and other partners operating in conflicting zones, we developed our curriculum Life Skills and Financial Education for Peace. Our partnership enabled us to empower and build the capacities of teenagers and help them understand their communities better.  

Aflatoun helps teenagers understand themselves, their surroundings and purpose in life. In a time of war, we found this to be incredibly needed. — Staff member
Aflatoun Clubs 

One of Mobaderoon‘s very recent success stories comes from a local club called “Irada”. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the club used a WhatsApp group to discuss the concerns parents are experiencing with their children during the lockdown. Most of the parents were worried about the financial independence of their as well as for the professional path ahead of them. Following all safety recommendations in June 2020 parents decided to join forces and start a small business project – they opened a pastry home restaurant that offers home delivery. Currently, the project is still running thanks to the support of the local organisations

It is fascinating how young people can develop and transform themselves into young leaders and social entrepreneurs. — Rania Wassouf, facilitator

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