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Partner of the Week: Lyceum Kralingen

Posted in Partner of The Week on July 6, 2021

Lyceum Kralingen, a UNESCO school based in the Netherlands, has been working for the past 12 years to equip students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to understand today’s complex societal challenges and to prepare them for the world of tomorrow. UNESCO schools adopt the six UNESCO learning approaches: human rights and democracy education, intercultural learning, living together in diversity, UNESCO World Heritage education, education for sustainable development, Global Citizenship Education, and freedom and opportunities in the digital age.  


Lyceum Kralingen’s approach is focused on world citizenship and encouraging students to find an open attitude to adapt to the changes happening around them, and they recently became an Aflatoun partner. As Aflatoun’s curriculum corresponds to the learning outcomes of their Global Citizenship classes, for the past 4 months they have been using the Aflateenprogramme in the Global Citizenship classes for students aged 12 to 18. This also had the advantage of being the only Aflatoun curriculum to be translated in Dutch. A few weeks ago, Aflatoun Netherlands hosted the first training session for our Dutch partners: Lyceum Kralingen and Day for Change. The training session allowed for exchange of knowledge on Aflatoun’s curricula and their implementation in schools.  

Dutch training session
Social education in action

Lyceum Kralingen has opted to use interactive learning methods to make lessons more enjoyable in order for students to explore their creativity and voice their opinions. Their classes also involve discussions on living together with others from different cultures, as well as global issues such as climate change. This method of teaching aims to empower students, build their confidence and identity, and develop a sense of awareness when interacting with others in society. 


As a relatively small school with 411 students, each student has the opportunity for growth and self-development through personalised mentorship. Lyceum Kralingen also ensures that each student feels supported during their education.


Virtually visit the Lyceum Kralingen here: