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Partner of the Week: Life Vision for Development

Posted in Partner of The Week on June 20, 2018

Life Vision for Development, an Egyptian non-profit foundation, believes in community transformation through development. The foundation is committed to taking care of the poor and oppressed, irrespective of their race, religion, gender or political conviction. Life Vision operates in partnership with other local NGOs in Cairo and Upper Egypt, empowering them to help the poor through practical deeds.

The foundation also seeks to equip and inspire youth to mobilise their community through the use of continual learning, science, technology, art, sports and music. Life Vision designs professional development programs with the aim to alleviate poverty, promote self-reliance and affirm structured community transformation.

Life Vision for Development uses ‘The Oasis,’ a community centre in Manshiet Nasser, El Waha, to promote a safer community for children (especially for young females). Here, the foundation empowers children to discover their potentials, lead their lives and take responsibility for their choices thus influencing their communities and making positive initiatives towards change.

The foundation uses Aflatoun International curriculum to reach 340 children, aged 4 through 18, to become socially and financially empowered. At The Oasis, Life Vision also provides children with Aflatoun International’s tools, which teach them to value their resources and learn how to save and spend responsibly. These children are also given the opportunity to come up with their own projects to achieve their goals and dreams.



Life Vision believes Aflatoun positively influences these children by exposing them to a new approach within their community. The children are interested in learning about supportive relationships, how to save money and how to plan social and financial projects individually or with a group.

Aflatoun’s implementation is also attractive because it is executed through active learning methods which engage the children by allowing them to express themselves through theatre and also teaches them to think analytically using the problem solving, brainstorming, memory cards, etc.

"Aflatoun helped me differentiate between my goals and dreams." — Kirolos Alaa, a 12-year-old in the programme

Many other children had positive things to say about their experiences in the Aflatoun programmes including: “I learned how to express myself, I learned I can change a lot of things in the world, and I learned how to respect people and help them.”

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